Extra-ordinary Taste, Properties and Stories

Among the few in the world classified as “rich in mineral salts”, San Martino hyper-mineral water has a truly outstanding flavor, nutritional properties and history. Its life cycle starts within a 1,000 meters deep subterranean volcano, which makes it extraordinarily rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, in addition to lithium, phosphorus and iron, balanced by natural bicarbonates.

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“Acqua San Martino excites the palate with surprisingly new sensations. Its mineral bouquet enhances the taste of all dishes by exalting flavor nuances, intensifying aromas, and further delineating the main ingredients own flavor notes. With a well-rounded, satisfying mouthfeel, it subtly balances strong flavors, and exalts lighter ones.

(Gabriella Belisario e Giulio Somma in Le Acque Minerali, ed. Gribaudo)

At the Table and in the Kitchen

Its fine and persistent bead make this superior table water a perfect pairing for raw seafood as well as roasted, braised and grilled entrees. Its natural sodium bicarbonate content, among the highest in the world, promotes digestion and leaves you feeling pleasantly light after a meal. Many chefs use it as an ingredient for simple or complex recipes: in legumes and fish soups, risottos, emulsions, steamed dishes, deep-frying batters and tempura. Sodium bicarbonate also makes it an excellent natural leavener for bread, pizza and focaccia doughs. The recommended serving temperatur is 11°C.

Excellent for tastings. Its bicarbonates cleanse the taste buds, enabling them to fully savor the flavor notes of wines and spirits. San Martino water is ideal for tasting coffees, herbed cheeses, dried fruit-based desserts, and any food best tasted on a clean palate.

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Acqua San Martino makes moments of social sharing special.

Its flavor makes it an outstanding ingredient for cocktails. It is used for classics like the Spritz, Mojito, and Americano. Many bartenders experiment with its unique mineral taste and bubbles to flavor their most innovative drinks.


In the first decades of the 20th century, San Martino water won several gold medals and awards in national and international competitions. To date, San Martino water is the only Italian product to have received the “Diamond” prestige award from the International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussels, judged by a panel composed of 130 chefs, sommeliers, and experts. For 9 consecutive years, it achieved a perfect “Three Stars” score at the Superior Taste Awards, the most prestigious quality competition for food and beverages. Its unique characteristics have led experts and connoisseurs to describe it as “the champagne of mineral waters” and “the Vichy of Italy”.

Well being

Excellent table water, also of great help for well-being and health, thanks above all to its alkalizing power, recognized by international studies.

A Spectacular Water

The bounty of minerals in San Martino water is a gift of nature for the well-being of people of all ages throughout their day. The fixed residue (TDS) is none other than the richness of minerals, which in San Martino are generously present in a spectacular balance. Its alkalizing action, documented by international research studies, makes it an excellent table water.


San Martino water is the only water comparable to a hydro-saline integrator. Calcium, magnesium and potassium, together with its bicarbonates, make it ideal for those who play sports. Whether consumed during meals or training, San Martino water strongly contributes to replenishing the minerals both professional athletes and amateurs inevitably lose during physical activity.

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Scientific Studies

A research entitled “Health properties of the Italian San Martino mineral-rich water: A self-controlled pilot study” was recently published on the authoritative Science Direct website, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy section. This study attests that after a short period of consumption, San Martino water can have very positive metabolic effects on people’s health. The complete original study is here:


History and Terroir

The basin

Everything starts with the soil, with the terrain where the spring gushes out of the ground. In wine-making terms, hydrogeological basins would be vineyards, and aquifers the barrels where the water gains its precious minerals. What makes San Martino water unique is that it flows through the volcanic rocks of the andesitic mountain of Osilo over a 50 years or longer cycle. Here it becomes enriched and carries all of its extraordinary bounty of minerals for 1,000 meters up to the mouth of the spring, where its unrivaled virtues and unmistakably brisk, natural effervescence are revealed.

Three thousand years of natural wellness

We are on the Coros plateau, in the North-Western Sardinian province of Sassari, very close to the magnificent medieval church of Saccargia. Archeological digs revealed some of the most ancient settlements in Europe (11th century BC), and evidence documenting the cult of San Martino water worship among pre-Nuragic populations. This archaic form of veneration indicates that the ancient inhabitants of these lands recognized the therapeutic properties of San Martino water. In the 2nd century BC, the Romans brought their hydrological knowledge, and started building baths and aqueducts around this extraordinary resource.
The memory of this gift of nature endured through the centuries thereafter. The first chemical-physical analyses to ascertain the characteristics and properties historically attributed to this water by different texts and documents were commissioned in 1776. The first bottling plant was built in 1902.

Products Range

A new, even broader range of products, in sizes that meet the needs of consumers throughout the day and on any occasion, whether it be at home, at restaurants and bars, hotels, outdoors or at the gym. The restyling captures the principles of wholesomeness, health and conviviality that have always characterized Acqua San Martino with just a few, distinctive elements. It still showcases the traditional, intense red and blue hues of Sardinia, but also its volcanoes, and venerated, pure deep-water springs.

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Innovazione, ambiente e sostenibilità

In 2021, the company implemented a production innovation program aimed to reduce energy consumption and environmental emissions. The new labels and bottles of its PET product line became 100% recyclable together with the bottles, made with RPET30 material. Its sales strategy shifted towards using returnable glass as much as possible locally in Sardinia. the company implemented a production innovation program aimed to reduce energy consumption and environmental emissions. It started replacing its old bottling lines, and is installing a state-of-the-art photovoltaic power plant. The new manufacturing systems use industry 4.0 technologies and, having been carefully designed in partnership with Krones, probably the best machine manufacturers in the global market, are among the most technologically advanced in the world.


The company innovation is also ensured by its own research and development lab, the renewal of collaborative agreements with national and international research entities. Investments aimed to enhance the know-how of company employees through new learning tools, and advanced training courses targeted to ensure continuous improvement of production processes, products, packaging and distribution.

The Company

Its ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications attest that the company’s environmental management system befits the nature of its activities.